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Day 8 (Concrete Shoes)

Today was another productive one on the job site, and probably the most fast paced day that we've seen yet! We were pouring the concrete foundational supports today and it ran like a well oiled machine. It was great to see everyone on the team play their part in giant, super messy relay of sand, cement, water and rocks.

After some time at the job site, we took an afternoon break before heading out to the church in the evening for a special missions service at the Baldwin's church. Even though we didn't understand all of the message, we all felt the same sweet presence of God as one of the pastors shared about the tragic conditions that are being faced in Venezuela.

After church we returned back to the Baldwin's home and enjoyed a short devotional from one of the team members before heading off to bed. Check out the short video below to see all the cool stuff that we accomplished today!


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