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Day 5 & 6 (Work for days)

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

We've just finished up two full days at our job site for the week! There was a lot of shoveling, followed by some more shoveling and then we finished the days with some shoveling. Needless to say, we are all coming out of this trip with a little more muscle. Speaking of muscles, PJ and Kristin had flexing contest and I think the results below speaks for themselves.

After a little calculating, we've realized that we moved over 15,000 pounds of dirt throughout the past two days. At our worksite, we are pouring the foundation and laying the block walls around the new church. Over the past two days we've been digging a trench that will house concrete supports. We've also started laying the blocks around the back wall and tying rebar supports that will be used on the structure.

Luckily, the sun has been hidden behind clouds for the past two days so the heat hasn't been getting too unbearable, but we've still been drinking countless bottles of water. Our biggest accomplishment from the past two days was carrying a full set of scaffolding from one wall to another. It sounds way easier than it actually was. You can check out that footage and so much more in our update video below!


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