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Day 3 (Back in 2012)

This morning some of the members of our team headed off to the Baldwin's church to begin some various projects. We started our network installation process, as well as some new sound system placement and wire running. These projects will help keep Centro Cristiano de Machala safe, secure and connected so that they are able to continue to minister to the city!

Today we were also able to travel to Urseza to visit another ministry center that the Baldwin's helped get up and running. This building is very special for St. Thomas Assembly of God because our mission's team that came in 2012 helped pour the foundation for this building! It looks much different now, as it isn't just a concrete frame, but now has a roof and a finished interior. We were able to spend some time with the local children and even show off a few of our teams dance moves!

Team members that helped lay the foundation of this building in 2012!

In the evening, we took a trip for dinner, and even talked the Missionaries into taking us for ice cream! We are having so much fun learning about the culture and meeting lots of new friends along the way. We ask that you continue to pray for health and restful nights of sleep for our team and the missionaries!

Check out some highlights of today's events in the video below!


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