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Day 1 & 2 (We Made It!)

We made it safe! Customs was a breeze and the Lord continues to show us his favor and traveling mercies. Yesterday, after a slight delay in Miami, we landed in Guayaquil around 9pm and stopped for a quick bite to eat before heading to our hotel for the evening. The Ecuador city life was drastically different from the rural Franklin County that we are all accustomed to.

After a restful nights sleep, we woke up and made the three hour trek to Machala this morning. We were able to have a familiar lunch of hamburgers and macaroni salad, and take some time to get our belongings unpacked at the Baldwin residence. We made an afternoon trip out to tour the church and to visit our job site. The site where we will be working for the next week is about an hour outside of Machala, and we'll be getting started out there on Monday. Everyone is excited to get out and get their hands dirty, but in the meantime we have some other projects to work on tomorrow at Centro Christiano de Machala, the Baldwin's home church.

Everyone is safe, thankful and very excited to see how God is going to use us for the next two weeks! We will keep everyone updated with blogs, photos and videos as we are able!

This is a pretty accurate representation of how much we're all getting along so far!


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